20 February - 20 March

You’re positively electric and will attract unusual people in your life who can help you better understand life. Your karma is strong and good people will come to you just now. You have some agreeable meetings just now but you must still be vigilant because ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ may abound. Don’t believe everything you hear today. You want a deeper understanding of things just now and there are undercurrents that you can’t quite decipher. Meditation may be useful. You may have to look a little deeper inside yourself to give your partner what they need from you. Trust your heart and soul.


21 March - 20 April

Now is the time to at least plan holiday, a little quiet time away in some exotic location. You have several options open to you so there’s no need to rush this. You are interested in expanding not only your field of knowledge but your circle of influence as well. Foreign countries and cultures may hold a special appeal for you and you may even be drawn to someone from a foreign country, or at least different from your usual group of friends or type of person you are attracted to. Finally, there are opportunities to study something very different which will inspire you in a different direction.


21 April - 21 May

You need to offer your service to someone who isn't well. Plan your day more appropriately to factor this into your schedule. Check your own health as well. Don't let an incompatible philosophy ruin a possible breakthrough with someone. Put aside your personal beliefs and accept each other with respect. There may be an intensification of basic urges now and you may have encounters with intense, strong individuals. You may experience strong urges, feelings and desires which may be of a sexual nature. Try to accept changes and transformations. Steer these energies positively.


22 May - 21 June

You may not be your sparkling self today don't want to divulge the reason. You mustn't feel any pressure to speak about personal matters, even if someone presses you. It's time for a review of taxes, insurance and other fees tied in with property and family matters. Distributing the costs equitably could be a topic of discussion. A family reunion is an ideal way to bring relatives together. If there's been tension on the home front, it's time to reconnect and get back to the good old days. Avoid serious topics to smooth things over. Take care in the way you dish out discipline to the "messenger".


22 June - 23 July

You may not have the drive and energy you normally do for work and that’s okay. Take time out and balance this with other activities. Don’t run yourself into the ground. Don’t let differences of opinion get in the way of successful friendships. Even if you are opposed to what people say, maintain a cool mind. You could be worried about health issues but these could be largely psychosomatic. Don’t pay too much attention to the odd twitch or twinge. Your ideas are impractical and even though they look good on paper, when trying to implement them you may run into all sorts of difficulties.


24 July - 23 August

You may take a less direct approach to romantic encounters or creative projects, as you tend to feel more self-conscious than usual in these areas. This is however a good time to get a new perspective on your life style, but do not force yourself to make important decisions today. Plans to advance your goals may be delayed. Your creativity and foresight might come to a standstill and you may have difficulty in visualizing your aims and objectives due to a lack of faith in your own intuitive abilities. You may have to guard against a demanding boss who purposely disputes your planning and talent.


24 August - 23 September

The positive side of your daily transits today are that you can be very inventive and original right now. You can have lots of energy for trying new things, taking risks, and going beyond your old limits. But you can also be excitable, explosive, rebellious, and even accident prone. You have a strong need to do things in your own way right now and may not be feeling particularly co-operative. However, you have a chance to free yourself from current limitations and create new opportunities. You will achieve something important today but clearly seeing what is right and wrong with a situation.


24 September - 23 October

It’s not that you’re being discredited; it’s just that your insecurity may be shining through now especially if you find yourself neck high in a work or professional situation that happens to be out of your depth. The solution to this is being informed and once informed becoming even better informed! Education seems to be your keyword at the moment so rather than feel infuriated at the fact that you’re not keeping up with others, remember becoming successful is the best possible revenge. You may be tempted to doubt your intuition but this is a mistake and your intuition will serve you well.


24 October - 22 November

You may be driven to take some sort of unusual sidetrack in your life but you should maintain clear direction and purpose. This could be triggered by something you’ve heard. On a mundane level, you've only misplaced something—it is not lost. Don’t become too anxious because it will reappear shortly when you least expect it. You may have to sit through a boring movie or work function simply for the sake of pleasing someone else tonight. It is okay to say ‘no’. You need to make an extra effort with someone in the family, possibly a child who’s not behaving properly. Try not to react too strongly.


23 November - 22 December

You could be feeling down about money in particular the fact that you have no control over the way someone else is managing their end of the deal. Right now, the Moon transiting your sixth house makes you worrisome over financial matters. You can’t hit them over the head with a sledgehammer but must think creatively about changing their poor financial habits. On another note, you’ll be grateful for the opportunity that is presented to you today even though you realise that you have a lot of hard work ahead of you. Don't be scared to take on what may at first appear to be an insurmountable task.


23 December - 20 January

You will have to sit on the fence for a little longer until you feel confident that a new friendship is something far deeper. You have clarity of mind, which can help you solve a problem of a financial nature. Friends may also seek your help today. You have a depth of feeling but trusting and sharing these feelings with someone may not be easy. You need a friend or listener who is equally as vulnerable as you now to share these deep emotions. Get confirmation beforehand and double confirm just before you leave to an engagement or outing today. There may be a last-minute change of plans.


21 January - 19 February

Deliberate thinking is what's needed before implementing your plan of action. You may be bored with process but the results will be worth it. There's a highly creative energy around you and you have a distinct skill in work. Others recognize this but don't necessarily say anything. Ask for feedback. You are feeling stagnant in your life. This requires you to get up and move about, even if you don't quite know what you want to do. Motion is the answer. You are not receiving your 'just desserts' in the love department at present. Although this will pass, you feel less than adorable today. with Dadhich