People without jobs on the Sunshine Coast are battling to find work, with the average person taking 89 weeks before starting a new job
People without jobs on the Sunshine Coast are battling to find work, with the average person taking 89 weeks before starting a new job THINKSTOCK

Your stories of how hard it is to find work on the Coast

IT IS tough out there for jobseekers on the Sunshine Coast.

After reporting on Monday that the average search for work on the Coast was taking 89 weeks -- even as our unemployment rate improved -- the Daily was inundated with stories from locals who know what it is to battle for work.

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On the Sunshine Coast Daily Facebook page, we asked: "What is your experience with finding work on the Coast?"

There were tales of frustration and anger that a life spent building their skills were not being recognised by would-be employers.

Some told of walking into a job soon after graduating from university.

Others blamed the struggle to find work on the Coast's lack of support for business and development.

How do you feel about the comments below?

Do they reflect your hunt for work on the Sunshine Coast?


Delia and Darren Newcombe:

I apply for on average 2 jobs a day for months now and I get rejection letters saying I wasn't the right skill set! 

I have over 17 years experience in administration and PA work and those sort of responses baffle me!

Either it's my age or the competition is ridiculous !


Manda Sutherland:

I think it's ridiculous ! I've been applying for job after job every day! 

Handing out resumes everything... And have experience..

Another thing that annoys me is its not hard for a employer to email back / call back whatever it is and kindly let you know a jobs been fulled or after a interview...

They expect the best from there potential employees but can't show us the common courtesy or even a simple automatic email.


Kellie Lee:

I've been out of work 2 months now.   Handed out 55 resumes directly to employers, applied for about 38 jobs and honestly out of all of the jobs I've heard back from 3!!!!!!!

I've been in PA/Admin/Banking for so many years and I get nothing!!!


Hayley McBrien

I gained a full time job 4 weeks after I graduated from university. So it's entirely possible to find work.


Shana Flanagan 

I and a lot of family and friends travel to Brisbane for decent jobs and cash


Amanda Jones

With not working for 5 yrs as I have 2 little ones, been applying on line and in store at least 30+ a week and still nothing. Plus I am available during the day 7 days.  

I am also studying diploma of management at home to try and help but still nothing.  

Also all last yr I did volunteering work to show companies I am even willing to work for free but nope still nothing.

Only had 2 interviews in a year


Ryan Cobb

It's not gonna get any better with all the do-gooding ***** protesting about every single development or opportunity that is presented to the coast.


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