Dalby woman wins television cash giveaway

WHEN Viola Hope noticed an unknown number calling on Thursday morning, she only had one answer: "I wake up with Today."  

The Channel 9 Today program offers $10,000 daily to a competition entrant, and this time it was Mrs Hope's lucky day.

 "I had it (her mobile phone) on silent, but luckily I had it in my pocket," she said.

 Mrs Hope entered the competition the afternoon prior, but thought she had missed the cut-off due to daylight savings.

Although she answered the call, she almost missed out on the cash.  

"They didn't really hear me. If I hadn't got it I would have been devastated," Mrs Hope said.

 She received the call an hour prior to it airing on television due to the time zone difference.  

Mrs Hope said you had to be on the ball to win the cash giveaway.  

"I didn't enter every day. I entered when I thought of it," she said.  

"If I entered I carried my mobile wherever I was.

 "You just wish and hope. If you're not in it you can't win it. It only takes one to win."  

She received messages from home and abroad following the win.

 "I got a phone call from a friend who I haven't spoken to for 15 years. She heard it and said there's only one Viola I know," Mrs Hope said.  

"That was really, really, lovely."  

Mrs Hope went out with her family on Friday night to celebrate.  

She said the cash would be shared among her family.  

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