DASH CAM: 'Cowboy truckie' runs red light, cuts off truck

Dash cam footage sent to The Ray Hadley Morning Show shows a truck cutting off another truck.
Dash cam footage sent to The Ray Hadley Morning Show shows a truck cutting off another truck. Contributed

A TRUCK driver in New South Wales has shared a video with The Ray Hadley Morning Show, showing a "cowboy truckie" running across a red light and cutting across another truck. 

The driver who sent in the video, Mario, told Mr Hadley that when he asked the driver why he did it, he told Mario to "f**k off". 

The video was shared on The Ray Hadley's Morning Show's Facebook page earlier today and attracted hundreds of comments from other road users. 

Brad Collins wrote: "Mud Carter. They have their own road rules. Totally opposte to everyone's road rules." 

Some defended the driver. 

"No one probably gave him a gap to merge in," wrote Francois Lategan. "I see inconsiderate drivers like that everyday." 

But not everyone was convinced that the "cowboy truckie" was breaking the road rules, with many commenters saying it was legal if it was a two-lane turn. 

Others described similar incidents that happened to them.

Vani Radinivugalei Masitabua wrote about a four-wheel-drive that did the same thing to her bus the other day at a T intersection. 

"Left lane to turn left, right lane to turn right. As our bus was turning right on a green light, the four-wheel-driver just cut in front of our bus turning right," she wrote.

"Lucky thing, the bus driver stepped on the brakes really quick, otherwise it might be a really really ugly accident for the four-wheel-driver."

The offending driver's details were passed along to the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command - NSW Police Force. 

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