Fifi's Adventures: Wayward cat returns from adventure

Fiona Davis was thrilled to get her cat, Gidget, back after a two-week sojourn in a neighbour's shed. The cat is now grounded forever. Photo by Ruby Red Industries
Fiona Davis was thrilled to get her cat, Gidget, back after a two-week sojourn in a neighbour's shed. The cat is now grounded forever. Photo by Ruby Red Industries Contributed

SPOILER alert. The following contains the story of a curiously naughty feline with a happy ending.

The feline in question is still a tad nonchalant about the entire ordeal but thankfully has me to remind her.

A new unflattering hairdo could possibly be a painful reminder but I'll deal with that when she finally catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

Without wanting to name and shame, let's just call the perpetrator Gidget. My beloved cat that decided she would go for a wander into the neighbour's shed.

I'm assuming she went there to assist in some kind of mechanical activity or other useful undertaking and not just a place to frolic and sleep.

Whatever the reason, she managed to disappear for what seemed like an eternity.

Eternity ended up being two weeks and two days.

Sixteen days of wondering, letterbox drops, visits to the pound, RSPCA, telling anyone with a pulse and stalking every possible online pet missing site.

Surely this qualifies as full time employment…

If Gidget was hoping to keep her identity private, I certainly ruined this in the quest to find her and bring her home.

Having your fluffy face posted all over the internet and shoved in people's letterboxes is one way to undo your anonymity.

She probably doesn't need to know about this bit either.

Despite the internet sometimes being responsible for creating misery (especially if you're the lucky beneficiary of a very wealthy Nigerian widow), its ability to pool resources and create awareness is somewhat outstanding.

Various sites including Toowoomba Pets Lost and Found, West Toowoomba Veterinary Surgery and Queensland Lost Pet Register became an amazing support network and disseminator of Gidget's plight.

I may or may not have become obsessed with finding everyone else's missing fur babies along the way.
To cut a potentially long story short, the curiously naughty feline was found.

The combination of internet sharing and "missing cat" junk mail culminated in an astute neighbour hearing the cries of a very distressed and dishevelled young lady and the ensuing identification.

Here's to junk mail and the interwebz.

Despite looking and smelling like a filthy dish cloth, Gidget managed to come out with a clean bill of health.

The newly acquired dreadlocks, fleas and dags adorning her are all but a horrid distant memory, after a luxurious day at the Toowoomba Vet Hospital.

I'm not convinced she wanted to leave.

I'm also guessing she's used up one of her nine lives in this caper and is potentially sick of dining out on rodents.
The shed owners are no doubt grateful, however.

The Toowoomba Camellia and Winter Flower Show provided the perfect way to celebrate the reunion.

Rows of glorious bloomage and other plants I can't pronounce or grow.

All beautifully displayed and revered.

I came home with a delightful appreciation of these floral masterpieces.

Especially when I suddenly noticed the ostentatious tree eclipsing my kitchen window. Draped in camellias.

Why haven't I noticed these before?

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