Freezing man smashed into ex’s house for a sleep

A FATHER of two smashed his way into his ex-partner's house because he needed a warm place to sleep.

Police were called to an address in Riverview at 2am after they received reports of a break in. When officers arrived, they saw the window of the house had been broken and a security screen forced off.

Officers tried to communicate with the person inside the house but got no response.

Eventually the man who broke into the empty house, Ali Travis Goltz, emerged from one of the bedrooms.

He tried to exit via the front door but was unable to because he didn't have a key for the security screen. Instead, he exited the same way he entered the house - through the window he broke.

Goltz told police the house belonged to his ex-partner who was not there and that he had entered the address to get some sleep. Police contacted the ex, who confirmed the house was hers but that Goltz had no permission to enter it.

As a consequence, the 27-year-old faced Ipswich Magistrates Court yesterday to plead guilty to charges of trespassing and wilful damage.

Defence lawyer John Tapp said Goltz had been homeless at the time of the offences.

Mr Tapp said there had been a cold snap on that occasion and his client had been desperate to find a warm place to sleep.

He said Goltz claimed if his ex had been at the house that night, she would have let him stay.

Mr Tapp said Goltz, a father to two young children, was remorseful and willing to pay for the broken window.

Magistrate Peter Hasted told Goltz that he should have approached other welfare authorities rather than damaging his ex's house and trespassing.

Goltz was fined $700 and ordered to pay $147.50 for the broken window.

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