HISTORY: The special Capricornian flood edition has lasted 100 years.
HISTORY: The special Capricornian flood edition has lasted 100 years. Jessica Powell

Historic paper tells amazing story of Rocky's biggest flood

IN JANUARY 1918, cyclonic rain fell continuously in and around Rockhampton and throughout the Fitzroy Basin.

The downpours in the headwaters a fortnight earlier meant the river was already swollen and the river broke its banks. This is when Rockhampton experienced once of its worst floods to date.

Three months later, The Capricornian released a specialised magazine, dedicated to covering the flood.

Exactly 100-years later, former Yeppoon resident Kenneth Heath brought the special edition magazine into The Morning Bulletin office.


In amazing condition, the magazine had been passed down from his wife's aunty, Mrs Christine Hixon, a resident of the formerly known Reserve St who kept it safe.

"It was handed down to my late wife," he said.

Recalling a story told by his wife, Judith Heath (nee Swanson), Kenneth said men would stand on what was known then as the Fitzroy Bridge and use a lasoo to catch any cattle floating down the river.

"As the cattle were coming down, they used to lasoo them, pull them in and then a group would slit their throat," he said.

"They did this for the cows meat."

This little magazine would have set you back a 6 pence in 1918.

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