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Live baiting scandal: another 23 trainers stood down

INVESTIGATORS continue to uncover allegations of live baiting at Churchable greyhound racing track, with Racing Queensland suspending 23 trainers who used the track.

It comes after 13 other trainers were suspended in February and two people were charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty.

Churchable trainer Tom Noble has already fronted Ipswich Magistrates Court on seven charges and a 25-year-old man from Coominya will front court on March 30.

In a statement, Racing Queensland chief executive office Darren Condon said it had become apparent a number of people were using the Churchable track for illegal training practises after reviewing video footage from the track.

"Each of the trainers stood down were at least present at the track and as a result, Stewards have stood them down immediately to understand their involvement."

The newly-suspended trainers will not lose their greyhounds, but the dogs have been immediately stopped from competing.

"The people suspended today will now face Stewards' inquiries and the broader investigation from our end will continue," Mr Condon said.

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