Louisa Rondinella looking for her father.
Louisa Rondinella looking for her father. Alistair Brightman

Louisa wants help finding long-lost dad

HERVEY Bay woman Louisa Rondinella is asking the Fraser Coast community to help make her whole, by finding the father she has never met.

Louisa is hoping to have her father by her side when she celebrates her 26th birthday in September, and has turned to local social media pages to see if anyone can help track him down.

"His name is Patrick Freeman, which is a really, really common name and without a photo to go by, it's going to be tough," she said. "All that I know is what mum has told me - he lived here when he was 19 in a half-way house with other street kids, he had blond hair and blue eyes and wore glasses."

Louisa's mother dated the young man for a few months in 1989 before he was sent to work in central Queensland and was never heard of by Louisa's mum again.

"She didn't know she was pregnant when he left so he doesn't even know about me," she said. "He was supposed to call her that Friday but never did."

Louisa has wanted to find her father her entire life, and said she felt half of her was missing.

"Mum says I look like him when I wear my glasses," she said. "I could have brothers and sisters and grandparents somewhere."

So far Louisa and her mother have turned to the electoral enrolment but without the man's date of birth, the search was useless.

Her mother has also spoken to the elderly couple who ran the half-way house where her father was staying.

"When she went to talk to them a couple of years after I was born they said the last they heard from him he was on his way to Gympie for work and he phoned them saying his car had broken down somewhere," she said.

"But they never heard from him again."

If you have any possible information about Louisa's father, contact the Chronicle on 07 4120 1066 or email eliza.wheeler@frasercoastchronicle.com.au.

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