THIS could be the most moving anti-racism video you will watch today.

A dark-skinned man sitting in a building foyer asks unsuspecting arrivals to help him translate something that appeared on Facebook.

What they are confronted with is a horrifying racist tirade.


The people who enter arrived for a commercial casting call.

The video was created by the Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights

According to Reddit user Vombatas:

"The story behind this experiment is that these people came to a casting for a commercial. None of them knew it was a fake one.

"Those might be amateur actors, but none of them acted in this particular situation.

"Racism is not the hottest topic in Lithuania at the moment, but it is that way only cause we don't have big racial diversity."


From another Reddit user:

The humanity and pain in the readers' eyes as they look from the written words to the person in front of them is incredibly compelling. It makes me believe in the native goodness of people. Thank you.


In 2014, Australia's  BeyondBlue released its own anti-racism video titled "The Invisible Discriminator".



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