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Maps provide us with useful information about what's around us.
Maps provide us with useful information about what's around us.

WITHOUT maps, we would be totally lost.

Maps have been around in some form ever since mankind has explored his surrounds with the objective of mapping local needs.

The first map-like representations appeared on rock and cave paintings showing landscape features such as mountains, rivers and valleys.

The first known recognizable map showing a representation of the world was scratched on a clay tablet created in 2300 BC by the Babylonians (now Iraq).

The invention of printing using carved wooden blocks made maps more widely available from the 15th century.

As a result of countless global explorations more and more maps were created helping navigation around our planet.

The refinement of instruments and surveying techniques in the late 1700s greatly improved the art of mapmaking and an accurate map of the planet was finally developed in 1791.

Today the satellites in space circling the Earth carry various types of data gathering equipment providing us with more detailed information to add to the world of maps.

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7 / 3 1 4 /  5 8 6 /  2  OR 2 / 5 8 6 /  3 1 4 /  7


1. South Africa

2. 50 cents


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