Peter Goesch is happy to show off his weight loss success after losing 74kg in under 12 months.
Peter Goesch is happy to show off his weight loss success after losing 74kg in under 12 months. Geoff Potter

Peter’s now half the man he used to be

PETER Goesch initially decided to lose weight to look snappy in a suit for his daughter's wedding.

But his quest to lose a few kilograms has progressed into an inspirational feat, after he lost half his body weight in less than a year.

The Doonan man says he has more energy and confidence since going from 156kg in April last year to 82kg now.

So, how did he do it?

Mr Goesch said hard work, focus and plenty of guidance from the staff at Jenny Craig Maroochydore were his saving grace for a longer and healthier life.

"Before this I'd have four to six cans of soft drink a day, maybe four eggs on toast with margarine, followed by Red Rooster for lunch and maybe McDonalds for dinner," Mr Goesch said.

"I was 150kg and I set my target at 120kg for my daughter's wedding and I did that and ended up going as low as 105kg.

"I just kept going and now I'm 82.5kg.

"I've already thrown out one lot of my 'fat clothes' and am about to throw out a second set of them."

With the Jenny Craig program in hand, Mr Goesch said his instincts to take on a challenge head-on kicked in and he smashed each goal he set himself.

Peter before he lost 74kg
Peter before he lost 74kg Geoff Potter

He quickly pushed the soft drinks aside and focused on his goals and lost 74kg in 11 months.

"I just think of this as the way I'll be eating for the rest of my life, not a diet, it's a lifestyle change," he said.

Mr Goesch was always a fan of swimming at Eumundi pool, but now he's a regular, training up to seven days a week, four hours each morning.

"I'd been swimming for seven years, so it just proves it's what you put in your mouth and the portion sides that have an effect on your weight," Mr Groesch said.

"It has changed a lot of things in my life, I can get in and out of the pool easier.

"I don't have to look around for a chair strong enough to hold me when I go to parties.

"I don't have to worry about fitting in a plane seat and people aren't staring at me.

"I'm also off all my medication just about, it's a good feeling."



Breakfast: Four fried eggs on toast with butter with two cans of soft drink

Snack: Three doughnuts

Lunch: Red Rooster with soft drink 

Dinner: McDonalds with soft drink 


Breakfast: Hazelnut and almond wholegrain cereal with low fat milk, piece of toast and tablespoon of avocado and piece of fruit

Snack: Three crispbread and 90g of salmon

Lunch: broccoli and cheese baked potato with salad/ vegetables and 2 slices lean ham

Snack: Apple and cup of fat-free yoghurt

Dinner: Shepherd's pie with 2 cups of vegies and wholegrain dinner roll

After-dinner snack: sticky date pudding and cup of berries

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