MOB ON THE MOVE: Trent Jeppesen leads the cattle.
MOB ON THE MOVE: Trent Jeppesen leads the cattle. Meghan Kidd

Push gets Comet show on the road

EARLY Friday morning, it was a change of pace at Oliveale, Comet, when 700 head of cattle, and generations of the Jeppesen family on horseback, herded the mob into the Comet Cutting Futurity's showground, just as they have done since the show's inception in the 1970s.

The sounds of hooves on dirt, and dust flying behind the mob was a sight to see for Stuart Jeppesen, and three of his children - Trent Jeppesen, Jodie Potter and Vivienne Sullivan, who also rallied their kids, Sara, Darcy and Kealy Jeppesen, Marshall, Ranger and Evan Sullivan, and Kora, Nate and Sage Potter, to take part.

Along with neighbours Tammy McKinley and Laura Armstrong and Fred Spannagle, Darren Seibel and Marty Addy, the 700 head were walked 9km for the Comet Cutting Futurity which finished on Sunday.

Trent said his family had donated cattle to the show since he was a kid.

"Our family has been involved for many, many years, my father was one of the founding people who pushed and worked towards the facility," he said.

"We'll only have a bit over 600 this year, that's probably one of the smallest mobs we've brought in for a hell of a long time.

"We leave home in the morning and then we have some people who ride out from the trucking yards to give us a hand across the river."

He said donating their cattle was a two-way street.

"If we put the effort in to our cattle that helps steady them up and make them a lot more user friendly, then the cutters get to benefit out of it, and then they're better to handle when we need to work cattle, whether they're going on to mustering out in other paddocks, or getting females that are kept for breeding," he said.

Comet Cutting Show's cattle co-ordinator Marty Addy said about 1611 head of cattle were donated.

"It's a big job, and the donation is very greatly received."

Cattle Donors

  • Jeppesen family, Oliveale
  • Ian and Kate McCamley, M.C.C Pastoral
  • Travis family, Boongulla
  • O'Brien family, Comet
  • Liz Mayne, Arrawarra
  • Greg Hardgrave, Karanga
  • David and Prue Bondfield, Palgrove Charolais
  • Charles McKinlay, Comet

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